Scientific director


A veterinarian trained in wildlife ecology and most recently in bee biology and pathology (apidology), Rosa Maria had a long desire to link the aspects of protection of animal and human health with that of the environment. It is in the world of bees that this project materializes.

Matthieu GEVERTZ



Matthieu has been supporting project leaders in their business creation for almost 10 years and is involved in various social and solidarity associations. Aware of the ecological imperative, he has been reconverting to nature for a few years now and is training to be a mountain guide.

Ségolène PERRET

Communication manager


Freelance communications consultant for over 10 years, very involved in local community life, and in full reflection on the ecological transition, Ségolène brings her experience of operational communication in promoting the project (graphic design, press relations, content writing …).

Guillaume LACOUR

Project coordinator


Senior consultant, Guillaume brings his skills in project management. Always fascinated by nature, he focuses all his activities and projects to contribute to the preservation of the environment.



Vanessa has worked for many years in the travel industry. At the same time, the flora and fauna of the mountains have always fascinated her. To better understand these environments, she undertook training as a mid-mountain guide and then a also on edible and medicinal wild plants. It is her excellent communication skills of writing and photography that add an extra stone to the edifice of the WBP!



Claude has worked for 15 years in the protection of the environment and of people and more particularly in the world of personal care. Amateur beekeeper and fascinated by the black bee and the challenges of preserving local species, he joined the WBP, which became an extension of his awareness-raising goals.


Active member

Always in love with nature, after a 10-year career in the legal sector, Béatrice turned to painting. Teaching visual arts for a while, since 2009 she has been creating frescoes and paintings inspired by nature under the name Bleu d´Avril. Among her passions: walks and wild plant picking, naturopathy, botany …

Thierry POCHET

Active member

Passionate beekeeper for 5 years and on the lookout for all innovations to take care of bees, Thierry practices natural beekeeping and manufactures log hives. The aim of his sustainable beekeeping is to strengthen the genetics of the bee through natural selection. He actively participates in the management of the Fort’Écluse apiary.